Astrakhan has always been a large trade port of Russia because of its geopolitical features, extensive trade connections and development of navigation of the Volga river and the Caspian sea.

Already in the XVII century in Astrakhan there was the special Business Court which dealt with the questions of building and renovation of private and public ships. Astrakhan port was founded in 1722 on the river Kutum after the decree of Peter I. Few years later, the port and the Admiralty were moved to the banks of the Volga river on initiative of I. A. Sinyaev.

Intensive development of trade and the significant growth in cargo transportation created terms for development of the port. Enormous requirements that were presented to it by the established practice of transporting, required the reconstruction of the port's economy, which was carried out in 1857, that allowed port to join the ranks of the first- class. In 1857 a mechanical factory with 13 workshops was built on the port's territory and, then, in 1859 a floating wooden dock for ship's repairs was introduced for the first time.

The development of ship trade in the second half of the XIX century assisted in forming Astrakhan berth which became a part of the Astrakhan river port in the first half of the XX century.

State councillor V. V. Skripcin and state advisor N. A. Zherebcov filled a petition for establishing of the company called "Mercury" with authorized capital of 750000 rubles in April 1848. The company's charter was approved on April 9 1849.

A new company "Caucasus" which charter was approved on April 15, 1858, was created for the development of the Caspian market. But in May, the two firms merged into one company called " Caucasus and Mercury". Later in 1878, the entire territory of the Astrakhan port, Elling and mechanical factory were owned by the company.

In 1913 society teamed up with " East society of commodity storages and got the name KAMBO, and in 1916 joined a steamship syndicate.

After the Great October Socialist Revolution, all Astrakhan private firms and companies still existed but then in January 1918, they became to be under the control of Central Business Council. Later, the Business Council was disbanded and was renamed in Astrakhan district management.

The Volga state river shipping company was created instead of Astrakhan district management in 1923. Moreover, the commodity- passenger agency was established in Astrakhan, in 1929.

In 1932 Astrakhan port was named the "Astrakhan dry-cargo-transit-ship pier of first digit of Lower- Volga river shipping company" (NVRP), and in 1943- the Astrakhan river port of NVRP. In the first post-war years Astrakhan port was the part of the Lower- Volga river shipping company.

In April 1960, commercial Seaport and Astrakhan port were combined and were known as the Astrakhan port (VORP). The river port of Astrakhan and Astrakhan district office were reorganized into the Astrakhan port on 22 March 1962 because of the special order of the Ministry of the River Fleet.

Astrakhan port was transformed into a public company in 1993.

The Central cargo area, which is the part of the Astrakhan port, was transformed into LLC PCC "Central cargo port".

Nowadays, LLC PCC " Central cargo port" is the leading port of the Astrakhan region which provides stevedoring services for cargo of "North-South" transport corridor.