Because of its geographical location, the port has historically been an important staging post on the route of the famous traveller Athanasius Nikitin through Persia to India (the route "North-South) and the road" from the Varangians to the Greeks"(European Corridor number 9).

Geographical coordinates of port:

  • Latitude: 46 degrees 21 minutes 6 seconds N,
  • longitude: 48 degrees 2 minutes 55 seconds E,
  • Port ID - 245943.

Central cargo port (CST) is located on the left bank of the Volga, on the 3042-th km.

  • guaranteed depth of 4.5-5.0 m,
  • 4 berths with a total length of 525 m,
  • 4 gantry cranes with a capacity of 5 to 27.5 m,
  • 1 stationary crane "Derick" with capacity of 120 tons.

The total area of ​​warehouses - 34,668.8 sq. m of which the total area of ​​TSW (CBX) - 3478 sq. m total area of ​​the NTA - 31,190.8 sq. m.

The total area covered by warehouses - 3350 sq. m. Open areas are 31,318.8 sq. m.

There are conditions for manoeuvre and placement of vehicles, in the area adherent to the warehouse:

  • Park of fork loaders "Toyota" with a capacity from 1.5 t to 12 t. 
  • container handler "Kalmar" with a capacity of 45 t. 
  • Types of using gantry cranes: "Ganz", "Albatross" and "Derick".

Closest to the CST railway station is a station Praviy bereg of (8 km) and Kutum (5 km). Delivery of goods from railway stations to the berths and back is accomplished by motor transport.

There is a border of Russian Federation on the territory of the port. There are points of the custom and border inspections, veterinary and fito-control inspections.

Navigation lasts all year round. The Volga river is covered with ice from late November to early April. During this period, the movement of ships to the port and back is provided by icebreakers.

Technological capabilities of handling equipment at the port allow to congest general cargo - metal in packs, bundles, rolls, bags; equipment; tubes in bundles, pipes of large diameter without cords; timber cargo; paper, vehicles-cars & trucks - by options:

  • ship - warehouse - ship,
  • ship - ship,
  • vehicle - warehouse - ship,
  • carriage - car - ship,
  • carriage - car - warehouse - ship.