LLC PCC "CCG" is involved in the investment program which presumes a number of modernization and optimization projects, including the expansion and modernization of facilities in order to increase the efficiency of handling existing volumes of cargo and construction of specialized facilities for the treatment of new goods. It is expected that these activities will help to increase the total volume of goods exported and imported by Russia, and develop port's equipment to handle the growing number of courts.

Increasing volumes of Russian exports and imports and the low level of investment in port facilities, and appropriate land transport infrastructure has led to increased congestion at Russian ports. This development gives opportunities for Russian port operators, that are able to increase its capacity and operational efficiency. LLC PCC "CCG" seek to take advantage of this opportunity by investing in new and existing powers.

LCC PCC "CCG" plans:

  • To make capital investments in increasing of the capacity and efficiency of our power: the main objective of the company is to increase volumes of cargo, while increasing level of revenues and profitability. The company began to implement the investment program aimed at increasing our ability of cargo admission through the modernization and expansion of existing facilities and construction of additional facilities for the treatment of both new and existing types of cargo:
    • acquisition of additional cargo handling equipment;
    • construction of additional rear storage areas for general cargo and equipment gantry crane, g / n 10t;
  • Increase the power, volume and performance without significant capital expenditures: the company is constantly reviewing its operations to identify additional opportunities and measures to increase the capacity, efficient operation of facilities, increasing cargo volumes and revenues in ways that do not require large capital expenditures.
  • Optimize the structure of goods and services: the company intends to continue to optimize the structure of our cargo- processing facilities and services, based on the competitive advantages of our products and pricing policy:
    • maintenance inspection system (MIS) which is at the container terminal port is to increase bandwidth and reduce costs (time) on the search operation with the goods;
    • processing and certification of dangerous goods warehouses for storage;
  • Strive to reduce costs, eliminate duplication of services, improve the efficiency of current assets and expand the range of services:
    • access to the market of freight forwarding services;
    • access to the freight market;
    • interaction with the operators of container lines.
  • Use external factors: an increase in supply in the region associated with the forthcoming development of the Caspian shelf and building infrastructure for its operation.